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      Car air purifier Join processes

      Car air purifier Join processes
      Car air purifier Join processes
      Car air purifier Join processes

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      Company:Weifang Sunco car care chain
      Information Name: Car air purifier Join processes
      Update Time:2015-04-16
      Price Description: RMB/
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      Join car air purifier process a preliminary contact to confirm that I have a keen interest in the cause of the air purifier to obtain project introduction, Introduction, etc., and read more, in order to reach for the air purification industry and the company's initial understanding. 2, a comprehensive market survey and the actual situation of their own advantages in their respective districts, in-depth market research findings and timely feedback to the company marketing department. 3, dealers eligible to apply to join the application form, certificate or identity card companies and other two companies submitted. 4, the compatibility of domestic sales of the company in charge of the negotiations will further communicate with the applicant, and site visits, the two sides to determine the forms of cooperation. 5, signed a contract with mutual consent, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the applicant, play money to purchase. 6, after the commencement of marketing support contract, the company will partner to provide a power of attorney, the relevant information (electronic version of the marketing brochure, ci files, etc.). 7 new dealers must attend training support organized by the company for a period of seven days of technical and sales training. Source: http: //www.wfdujing.com
      Contact Detail
      Company Name: Weifang Sunco car care chain
      Employee Number:
      Annual export:
      Year Established:
      Contact Person: Mr. Wang()
      Telephone Number: 0536-8870885
      Company Address: Weifang Dongfeng Street and South Road intersection Weihsien 50 Missy, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
      Zip/Postal Code:
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